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Yoga Schedule
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Gentle Vinyasa Flow
Evening The Basics & Beyond
 Yin/Yang Yoga
Slow Flow Yoga

* Tuesday 9:30 Gentle Vinyasa Flow class is held in Chester at Enpointe Dance Studio. All other classes are in Chester Basin at the yoga studio.

Yoga classes run on an 8-week semester basis and pre-registration is required as space is limited to 9 students. Drop-ins are welcome when space permits.

Spring Classes: 8 weeks sessions: $90

  • Monday – Basics & Beyond, 21 May – 25 June (6 Weeks $68)
  • Tuesday – Gentle Vinyasa, 15 May – 3 July
  • Thursday – Slow Flow, 17 May – 5 July
  • Friday – Gentle+, 18 May – 6 July

Summer Classes:

  • Tuesday – Gentle Vinyasa, 10 July – 28 July
  • Wednesday – Yin/Yan, 11 July – 29 Aug
  • Thursday – Slow Flow, 12 July – 30 Aug

*Summer Schedule may vary, check for confirmation

Yoga Signup

Yoga Class Descriptions

The Basics & Beyond Yoga

This class will increase your energy, calm your mind, and leave your body feeling stronger, longer, open, and ready to take on the world!  Varied sequences of basic postures are used to link the body, breath, and mind to promote whole body awareness. Appropriate for students of all levels – modifications and assistance will be offered accordingly.

Gentle+ Yoga

This class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase flexibility & strength using simple movements (poses) to increase range of motion of the major joints. Alignment principles, gentle breathing techniques, and basic poses will be taught at a slow pace with modifications for minor physical limitations. 1 or 2 challenging poses are occasionally introduced for those looking to spice up their practice.

Gentle Yoga+ is appropriate for 50’s+, those new to yoga, or for students who simply prefer a less strenuous class.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Gentle Vinyasa Flow synchronizes asanas (poses) with breath. The practitioner is encouraged to move smoothly between a sequence of poses, while allowing time for personal modifications/use of props and safe body alignment. Each class is unique and includes many variations of the Sun salutation as well as standing postures, forward folds, back bends, twists and deep relaxation.

Suitable for the seasoned beginner and those with experience looking for a slower paced class.

Yin/Yang Yoga

This all-levels class will start and end with a restorative posture to quite the mind and slow life down, providing the opportunity to integrate body, mind and spirit. The asana (posture) practice will flow slowly through a sequence of postures that range from a gentle pace to a mildly vigorous pace. You will build strength, balance and flexibility through focused movements allowing your body to deepen into a stretch and pause to strengthen and balance.

This class is slow and smooth but always challenging. Suitable for those new to yoga and those with experience.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow flow yoga is a mindful slower paced class which allows time to explore the postures and focus on cultivating breath, strength, flexibility, balance and calm. Although slower paced, there is challenge to stay aware of your body while flowing from one pose to the next and maintaining your breath. This dynamic class includes foundational yoga poses, sun salutations and attention to breath and alignment. A truly wonderful combination of challenge and rest!

Perfect for when you want the yoga, but not the intense workout. Relax, let go and enjoy slow flow!


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