Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy for the calf muscle
Bowen for calf cramps, sore knees, & Achilles tendon pain

Bowen Therapy/Technique was developed in Australia by Mr. Tom Bowen in the 1950s. It is a light, non-invasive, hands-on therapy that encourages the body’s own ability to heal itself.

The therapist performs a series of gentle moves with thumbs and fingers, first applying light pressure and then rolling over different tissues of the body, including muscles, tendons, nerves, lymph nodes and fascia.

In between each set of moves there is a pause (2-5 min.) during which the therapist leaves the room. These short waiting periods allow the body time to slow down, the nervous system to quiet, and a healing response to be created and spread throughout the body, relieving pain, easing tension, and dispersing fluid congestion. The pauses and gentleness of the treatment make Bowen unique from other therapies.

Bowen Therapy Safe for Everyone

Bowen Therapy for the Kidney
Bowen for back pain, kidney/bladder problems, & adrenal exhaustion

Since there is no forceful manipulation, Bowen is a safe therapy for everyone – the frail, the elderly, pregnant women and newborn babies. Bowen can be widely used for most physical conditions and, due its gentleness, can greatly assist people in severe pain. These are some of the problems Bowen can help:

  • back pain and sciatica
  • neck pain and headaches
  • tailbone injury
  • frozen shoulder / shoulder impingement
  • pelvis tilt / uneven leg length / groin pain
  • women’s issues: menstrual pain, conception, overdue pregnancy
  • muscle spasm and Charlie horse
  • neurological pain / pinched nerve
  • digestive and bowel problems
  • respiratory problems
  • fibromyalgia and chronic muscular pain
  • scar tissue release

Please contact me if you are wondering if Bowen can help you!

What to Expect during a Bowen Treatment

The client typically lies on a treatment/massage table and remains clothed. There are times when clothing will be moved/removed to visually inspect the tissue and perform the move directly on the skin. Bowen can also be done seated or standing.

When two therapy rooms are available, often the therapist will treat more than one client at a time. A session will generally last 45-60 minutes with most conditions responding in 2-3 treatments.

Bowen Therapy Resources

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